Second Hand Metaza MPX-90: Refurbished

Fully working & fully refurbished

Lovingly restored by our specialist MetazaCare engineers with new parts & a full service.

At the time the MPX-90 was the most advanced, flexible and effective engraving machine in the Metaza range and not much has changed in the next version (MPX-95), making this an idea investment for a new personalisation startup.


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Far quicker and more capable than traditional engraving machines and at a fraction of the cost.

Quickly turn ordinary gifts and promotional items into profitable, cherished mementos with a high res. photo engraving.

Easy to use and no previous experience required to create personalised gifts, one-of-a-kind jewellery or unique personalised awards.



  • Refuished & seviced MPX-90 Engraver
  • Metaza Studio Software
  • FREE Delivery


Download MPX-90 Brochure