Experts in LEF Jigs

We’ve prided ourselves on our jig knowledge and expertise in the personalised gifts business for over 15 years. During that time we have always been ahead on the competition by creating industry leading jigs to enable ourselves and our customers to quickly and efficiently position their products for printing and engraving.

We have been successful in actively innovating in both the B2B and B2C personalised gift business for over 15 years…so we are extremely confident that we can relate to your specific requirements – whatever they are!

We’ll design & build your jigs & templates for you – you just supply the samples and specs.

Jig Materials

Our bespoke jigs are in many cases over-engineered to ensure long lasting, repeated use. Wherever possible we use the best materials available for each of our bespoke jig designs.

We prefer to start with solid, hard wearing materials like nylon blocks, which we then machine down to our specific bespoke specifications using state of the art CNC machinery.

For more temporary, or more cost sensitive jigs, we can laser cut acrylic, and other plastics, in whatever size and thickness is appropriate for the job.

We’ll design/build your jigs and templates for you – you just supply the samples and specs.

Experts in LEF Jigs

Experts in LEF Jigs

LEF Aluminium Jig Base

We have developed a unique method of holding the jigs in place within the LEF.

This pegged grid system ensures quick and easy positioning for every bespoke jig you will ever require.

This grid system also forms the basis of our “Configurable Jig System”, which is a revolutionary method for B2C jig based printing, enabling multiple product lines to be template/jig printed in one single print run.

Through this innovation we have brought UV printing to retail environments.

Jig Templates

Behind every great jig is an even greater software template!

Simplest method: We can provide you with the required .eps/.pdf template based on your bespoke product and jig design within a couple days. In its simplest form it is an illustrator file with the appropriate guides and sizes built in to it ready for you to drop your artwork within the guides.

Complex method: Depending on your budget for jigs and software templates, we can pretty much create whatever you need. In extreme cases of creating software templates we can even create Android, iOS and Windows based apps which output to the Versaworks RIP program and then print on the LEF. This more expensive method of template creation is far more imagination and budget led and we are industry leading, pioneering, World experts in this field.