Why would I ever lease over buy?

1) Tax efficiency: With leasing you can class 100% of every lease payment as a business expense rather than just depreciating the initial lump sum.

What can we do for your UV printing?
VersaUV Bespoke Jigs

For some time we’ve been planning a configurable jig system for the Roland VersaUV LEF models, specifically the 20” Roland LEF-20 due to its increased capacity over the smaller 12” LEF-12. We have now developed a unique method of holding the jigs in place within the LEF for ourselves and we would welcome the opportunity to do it for you and your products. The pegged grid system we designed and built ensures quick and easy positioning for every bespoke jig you will ever require.

From Mass Production to Mass Customisation:

The days of Henry Ford's philosophy of mass producing only black cars are most certainly outdated. If your company's manufacturing is relying on the age old methods of producing large runs of its product, keeping inventory, then supplying a product with no choice of options for the consumer, then your company's days are also numbered.

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